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Home Productivity Budget Sense Free: Say Goodbye to Overspending with this Personal Financial Advisor

Getting a good grip of your finances is easier said than done. If you lack the required discipline to maintain the limits that you set on your expenditures, you almost always end up spending more than you should, even your precious savings. And, with such an erratic way of handling your money, can you be certain that you can still secure a stable financial future not only for yourself but also for your loved ones?

free app to manage your money

This is where Budget Sense Free comes in. And, yes, the word ‘Free’ is not appended in this app’s name for nothing because it essentially serves as an effective financial advisor with virtually no cost. And, unlike those labyrinthine complicated charts and graphs that usually come to our minds whenever ‘Finances’ is mentioned, the app’s overall design and user interface is very sleek and straightforward. It is also not very difficult to master the app as well, but it will require you invest a few minutes of your time every day when entering and viewing data.

The app is basically divided into three main parts and functions: Spend, Take In, and View. ‘Spend’, as can be readily perused from its name deals with your expenses. This is where you are required to enter all of your spendings. Its opposite is ‘Take’, which is where you account all of your income and profit. The ‘View’ tab, on the other hand, weaves your activity in the other two tabs together and is where you can get an overview of what your current financial state is, sans abstruse graphs and charts. Categories can be set and displayed for each expenditure like Clothing, Grocery, Hobbies, etc, and a simple pie chart is used to display how your money is being distributed on each one.

The real secret weapon of the app, though, which is what would really reinforce the efficacy of this app is its budget summary mode. With this mode, you are technically giving the app power over your finances because it will show you the exact amounts that you can only spend in a given time frame (i.e. how much you can save or how more you can spend to avoid getting your finances in the red). This practically gives you the discipline you need, which would ensure your long-term financial stability.

easy way to manage your money

Budget Sense’s usefulness and importance lie in the fact that it makes it possible for just about anyone to get financial advice and to exercise better fund management. Normally, this privilege is limited to large businesses and corporations alone, or just about anyone who is economically capable of hiring a financial advisor.

The mere fact the Budget Sense Free is offering its services for free to people worldwide is also what makes it totally different from other apps that more or less serve the same function. Many of the said apps are not as generous when it comes to making all of their features available to users. That Budget Sense only charges a one of time payment of $1.99 for its unique features such as the tip calculator and receipt scanner only makes it the better choice. But, it is not only the apparent leniency of the app that is worth praising because its features, as described above, pretty much makes it a solid financial advisor app.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.6/5

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