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Being the music lover that I am, I regularly browse through the App Store to see if I could find apps to get to know more on popular stars and their music. I am used to using different kinds of apps, some of which give me lyrics to songs, and some which give me details of artists whom I like. But when I found Music Mashup by Apperdashery LLC I was absolutely thrilled as there were certain features in the app that made me want to download it right away.

           Music Mashup for iPad   iPad Music Mashup App

Music Mashup gives you info on videos, media and events of artists you love. The app scans your music library to find out your interests in music. Looking at the list of songs you have and the artists whom you like, the app filters information on music artists of your choice automatically. Before you know it, you’ll have your mobile flooded with data on the latest events, media and videos of your favorite stars! 😉

Just tap on the name of a particular star and receive feeds related to the artist. You can use the three different sections given in the app to browse through details of your choice. With the data I receive on the events running or planned in a city near me, I organize trips with my friends to watch stars perform live. 🙂

The app has a share feature that allows you to send desired information to friends through Facebook, Twitter, email and messages. Besides this, the app also offers previews and lets you purchase iTunes media. I no longer go searching through YouTube to browse for my favorite songs; I find and view them on Music Mashup.

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: $1.99

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