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Most of us might not be a good in editing pictures and although its a little difficult job. But if you still think its pretty difficult to add dramatic effects? Then you may be wrong. Pocket Pixels has released Color Splash an app, which quickly lets you to add some beautiful effects.

Color splash iPad app

The app was designed to be used easily without any tutorial and I swear, even non techies find this app easy to use. Once you use this app, you may wonder, is that me who created such a beautiful photography? Yes, you are. Initially when you import a photo to Color Splash, the picture gets converted into black and white, then choose a color and start painting using your fingers.

There are some features which is worth of sharing. So let me point that here

  • If you leave the application and switched to another with unfinished editing. When you resume back the app will remember what were you doing in photo editing.
  • Upload edited photos to your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and if you think its not necessary you can save it. I am to see Flickr sharing, as its not seen with some photo editing related apps.
  • Option to save session and resume the editing session.

[Video Credits: Padvance]

After using this app for an hour, I found the app easy to edit photos in a professional style. If you think, I am so bad at figuring out the app features, no worries. Color Splash has an in app video tutorial to help you to edit better.

Cost: $1.99

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad running iPhone OS 3.0 or later

Download from iTunes

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