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Cognitive Therapy App

Technology is present in various aspects of people’s daily lives. Numerous experts incorporated technology in conducting therapy sessions for different patients. Nowadays, therapy techniques are incorporated in mobile applications. One of these is iTherapy from Constant Therapy, an iPad app everyone can use right at the palm of users’ hands.

Cognitive Therapy App

App Overview:

This iPad app is designed for users requiring therapy due to cognitive, learning and communication disorders. Many of these individuals suffer the aftermath of various health issues like stroke, traumatic brain injury, learning disabilities diagnosed from childhood, and dementia. Developed by Constant Therapy, this app is available on iPad and iPad mini at no cost.


iTherapy app is proud of the following features that make it stand out among similar apps.

* Easy to Use Interface: Interface is crucial for everyone undergoing therapy in using this app. Constant Therapy ensures to design the app’s interface accordingly, making it easier to manipulate and with convenient setting for effective therapy tasks.

* Remarkable Number of Tasks Designed for Users: More than 50 tasks are available in the app and with thousands of items users can use during their independent therapy sessions. More items mean more time to spend in using the program while enhancing mastery in targeting specific abilities.

iTherapy App

* Fully Updated Version Available: The developers make it a point to update this iTherapy. Recently, they released the 2.01 version that comes with 50 tasks and more than 12,000 items.

* Can be used with Professional’s Recommendation: As a mobile app, people would only think that it is like a supplementary therapy session on top of their visit with experts. Experts, however, can recommend specific tasks in Constant Therapy that users can do independently on their free time and monitor their progress in the long run.

App for Cognitive Disorders

* Easy Monitoring Features: Constant monitoring is vital in every therapy sessions. Professionals can monitor their patient’s progress regularly by simply checking the app’s features. This ensures the patient is on the right track and include the results to their overall assessment.

Overall, iTherapy is a notable iPad app for people with special therapy needs. It is an easy to use app that everyone can do on his or her own to increase the rate of progress. Get the app and see how it aids individuals suffering from cognitive and communication disorders in alleviating their effects.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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