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There are so many games in the App Store – race, action, puzzle etc., But I searched for a game that could offer me something different.

I get Curlington HD, which is really an impressive. This app has four teams – Team Aces, Team Charlies, Team Duffs and Team Bakers. The users can choose one team to play against the iPad for points. They have to slide the stone towards a mark drawn in the ground. There is a scoreboard in the window to show the points after each round. The team with closest stone to the center will earn one point for each of its own stones closer to the opponents closest stone.


To add more thrill to the game there is an expert stone is available for each team. They can use it once for each round. Team Aces expert stone blow other stones out of play and Team Charlies expert stone can hover over the track. Team Duff has an expert stone that is filled with love, while Team Bakers experts stone can build a strong guard.

You can also get extra points by getting closer to the center, curling behind another stone etc., The points earned can be exchanged to buy some extra stone equipment. By using two fingers, player can slide the stone with extra power. There is also a stone energy indicator on the side and stone with more energy can move fast. The player can reduce friction by brushing the floor.

With smooth controls and detailed 3D graphics, this game is really well designed. It has many options, even then it doesn’t confuse users. This game saves automatically when you leave the app. I hope it will attract iOS 4 users. It was released this month and this hot release has received some positive reviews worldwide.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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