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What Is The App All About ?

Custos Caldwell Viols By Music Word Media Group, is a book app about viols.


What Is So Unique About The App ?

  • Starting from the cover of the app(with the painting of Violist Carl Friedrich Abel)  it attracted me.

  • In this app you can find Viols from various times in the history. That originated from various countries, from various builders.

  • There is an interesting story that tells the origin of each Viol.

  • Also each Viol is clearly illustrated with photos taken at all angles, and you can hear how they sound.

What Is So Cool About The App ?

  • The user interface is simple with pleasant colors.

  • It is catalogue of 22 different instruments and a beautiful painting, with their history.

Where Should They Improve ?

Nothing as of now.


The app covers a wide range of audience from music enthusiasts to those who are searching for some good musical story.

Price: $17.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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