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Remember the Predator app from Chillingo which give us the killing spree with the mighty Predator, now the same house have released another new app “Cut The Rope HD” a creative puzzle game for the iPad. Cut The Rope HD is about cutting the rope and feeding the candy to the greenish creature ( called as Om nom) without dropping it in the floor. Once the level goes up you get many hurdles that tries to cut the rope and . So at the end, placing the candy at the mouth of the little green creatures puts an end to the levels.

cut the robe iPad app review

Cut The Rope is a new age puzzle that requires planning before executing, where you have to collect all the three stars that appears within the room. The first four levels is quite easy to take all those three stars and drop the candy on Om Nom.The Om Nom’s expressions are outstanding during the time it eats the candy and when u drop the candy on the floor. This reminds me of the excellent graphics and characterization. Right from the start Cut The Rope HD is interesting enough to kill your time and it was really addictive to play more levels as we can. Keep the time in mind guys!

The game graphics is stunning and interesting to play all the 100 levels. I have managed to go till 16 levels in some hours and after that it was difficult. Cut The Clone may not the game for impatient guys, as the game requires lots of patience to finish the later levels. The game has over 100 levels and the developer has promised for more levels in the future updates, Cut The Rope HD looks stead to entertain us all through its levels. Finally all I can say – Cut The Rope HD an impressive puzzle game for the iPad.

The game is also available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

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