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In the world we live in today, everyone of us are striving hard to do the best for our family. We make every move thinking twice, hoping that it would eventually lead to something good. Its so hard to do the right thing in a balanced way, at the end of the day when you put your head down to rest there’s always the disappointment that you have missed out on something important that would have made life better and a relationship stronger. And this is the moment we feel the ache.

I sometimes wish it was possible to manage career along with family life without missing out on the important things. But when I turn towards career, I can literally see my kids life falling apart and my husband unattended without support that he deserves to get from me. All these thoughts use to give me a feeling of guilt and then I was forced to choose between family and career.

But to my surprise, when I was just browsing for fun and going through the apps available, I noticed something that drew my attention. The app was something that I found on a website that encourages people to build their lives with a helping hand from God. With this app I was able to prioritize my daily activities, breaking them down into work , friends and family commitments making sure I give the required attention to my family, fulfilling all their needs including their spiritual food. It is very simple and also very interesting, it helps me to realize the reason and the meaning of a relationship and helps me make it stronger.

I did this by categorizing the target for the day, which could be, give support in relation to my husband, build faith or obedience in my children, how can I set apart more family time? Or what can we do as a family today? All these questions can be put into the app, for there’s a section provided only for this, and after I’ve completed the event, I make note of the outcome of the event that makes me feel happy with memories of the event and gives me a satisfaction with a written statement that shows that I have achieved.

There’s also space where I’ve got up my family picture of the two kids, hubby and I, which I keep looking at and it reminds me of what I’ve been blessed with. Then on the next work space there’s an area where I’ve got up a picture that I take out every week, that reminds me of the time I spent with the family at the weekend. Here I write down all the activities that have been performed and their outcomes, at the end I rate the day with a star ratting which denotes the wonderful time that I had. This page also is attached with email so you could email it to your spouse as well, this will help you keep him in the link.

In the next page, is the place where I write the activities that I would like to work on for the day. For example, with the kids I have a separate activity, then there’s time to be spent with my husband and then an activity for the family as a whole. Since of late the app has almost replaced my diary for it not only plans my day, but also saves memories with pictures and rating that will help me to keep track of how I felt on that day. I’m really glad that I’ve found this app, and if you are a working parent that needs help planning out a schedule to spend time with the family fruitfully, I really suggest it. Try it you’ll not only feel the difference on your work sheet but also on your face and in your heart, where you’ll feel a warmth that you’ll never want to let go.

Price : $ 3.99

Rating : 4/5

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