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Home Games Dark Breakers: Become a Warrior & Save Your Loved Ones from Armageddon

I was looking for a game that offers edge-of-the-seat action and that’s when I caught sight of Dark Breakers. The game is about what to expect when the world does come to an end. It is about Armageddon and the survival of the fittest. 

Multiplayer Strategy Game

As the story goes, the world has ended and humanity has fallen. You are going to have to defend your family against a bunch of rioters who are out to kill them and steal your resources. Your job is to collect as many of your friends and family as possible and get them to safety. In the game you’ll need to find refuge in the woods. There you’ll find your tent or hideout, and your task will be to keep it protected from the rioters that come your way. 

Dark Breakers is a game of fast-paced action and careful planning. As you score higher and higher you’ll get to command troops, form alliances with friends, or battle it out against other players. The game also has the option to actually chat with your alliances and other players online in real time. 

The game has a modern theme and is a free-to-play strategy MMO. Dark Breakers allows to you plan your defence strategy and build your survival camp based on your defences. The most popular ones are the guard towers that keep you aware of threats, bunkers and machine gun turrets that act as a good defence force, and traps that are laid all around your camp which catch uninvited guests. As you progress you can continue to build your camp, upgrade your structures and turn it into a fortress. 

You can also train your army of warriors as shooters, grenadiers and more. You can take the game to the next level and compete in alliance tournaments to win bigger rewards. Dark Breakers comes with a feature to record tournaments and replay them to show off your fighting skills to your friends. 

Multiplayer Online Game RPG

The graphics, sound effects, and the visuals in the app are pretty good. I would like to see a tutorial in the game, as it was tough to find my way around when I played it for the first time. As it is a bit difficult to identify the rioters on the ground, an on-the-ground view can be added to the app to help players clearly see the opponents that approach.   

Dark Breakers is an action-packed, entertaining, multiplayer strategy game that can be difficult to master.

Rating: 4.5/5 

Price: Free

Download from iTunes

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