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Most of us know the Biblical story of David And Goliath. But now a modern day David – David Eckstein, has narrated the epic story, with wonderful 3D animation, music and some interesting activities which kids will enjoy.

David and Goliath for the iPad (The MVP Edition)

The narrator himself is like David, for he won the 2006 World Series MVP after a struggle. Now let’s see what this app is about. Right from the home screen, the animation and the background score are awesome.

The app has two options to read the story, you can either read it on your own or David Eckstein will narrate it to you. ‘Read To Me’ is suitable for tiny tots and ‘Read It Myself’ will be okay for older kids.

The app has an attractive home screen in which David is seen standing on a mountain holding a flag. At the bottom of the screen is a hidden menu bar, where you have options to get back to the home screen from any part of the story, preview the contents page-wise and make changes to the settings like muting the narration and music and hiding the captions. There is also a language selection bar, a cross promotion bar which has details of the developer’s future products and the credits. You can access this menu bar from any part of the story.

I really enjoyed listening to the story and catapulting flaming projectiles, hitting the lion and bear, picking up the five smooth stones and putting them into David’s bag, aiming and throwing the stone at Goliath and finally giving David his victory toss. The animation is picture perfect and it made me want to read the story again and again.

Kids will surely enjoy this app. I recommend David and Goliath to mothers who want their kids to enjoy an interactive reading experience.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Download from iTunes

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