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Home Games Defense 39 – An Engaging Action Game

When the biggest conflict in the history of mankind erupted in 1939, a small but proud nation was invaded by the forces of Nazi Germany. The first country in the sights of their war machine was Poland, a land that could not compete with gigantic armies of the Third Reich. Hitler and his cronies expected a swift victory, but instead, they were met with one thing which Poles had in abundance – courage. Defense 39 is a mobile device game that celebrates this moment of defiance to the Nazis.

Defense 39 for iPad

Produced by a company called Sirocco Mobile, the game can be downloaded for free on the iTunes service. It needs iOS 4.3 operating system or a later version, which means that it is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch. Sirocco Mobile development team made sure that their app is additionally optimized for iPhone 5.

The core feature of this action game is a tower defense mechanism. In it, the aim of the player is to hold off against invading German forces which are constructed of many varied units, including several types of infantry, trucks, armored car and even tanks. The players control a Polish bunker and have a range of weapons to help them resist the Nazis, including heavy mortars, field cannons, bazookas and even flamethrowers. Using a sleek interface that will be simply learned by everyone, the game presents an enticing war action, where both strategy and good reflexes are needed to attain victory.

Apart from this, the game offers even more strong features. It takes place on over 10 locations with different characteristics and has more than 70 missions. At the same time, the bunkers controlled by the players can also be changed from mission to mission, which means that later on, they will also use armored trains and other interesting defensive positions. Between every mission, the players can read the intelligence reports and learn how to best set their defensive armaments.

All these features are tied in with a very simple but functional targeting system. Using single taps of the finger, the players can target individual vehicles or infantry groups, which are then automatically fired upon. On the other hand, special weapons which recharge over time offer additional damage when the players choose to fire them. Because of this, a massive number of units can be present on the screen.

The game’s features also include an upgrade system based on medals, which allows new equipment and upgrades for defensive weapons, and a survival mode that can present itself as an ultimate challenge for skilled players. Best of all, Sirocco Mobile continues to optimize the app and produce additional bonus features. This, along with a great optimization for the latest devices means that Defense 39 has all that is needed to keep users occupied for a long time.

iPad Defense 39 App

But, the thing which definitely sets this game apart from its competitors is its beautiful and detailed graphics. Every animation is very lifelike and reliable, starting with the units and all the way to the every single damage which different weapons produce, making every gaming session in Defense 39 a pure visual joy. Compared to other action app graphic’s, this one is very polished and that is why it looks perfect on an iPhone screen.

Equipped with strong features and a very engaging gameplay, there is no doubt that Defense 39 is the perfect game for all those who love war themes and great action.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Download from iTunes

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