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About The App

Interior Design for iPad is a Lifestyle app developer by Black Mana Studios. With this app you can design your dream home’s interors.


Using The App

With interior design app you can sketch out the blueprint of your home’ s interior or how you want it to be. You have the power to create,alter and change every inch of your home with this app. Its that wonderful working with this app. With this app you can easily become an interior designer yourself withing minutes. Its that easy to use. When you open the app you land in plan’s screen. You can either create your very own plan or import your plan from Dropbox account, duplicate a copy of it or share it. As you are using the app for the very first time you will find a sample place already there for you to explore with all the features in there. After going in and around the plan I felt it easy to use the app. If you need any help at any stage just tap the the ‘ i ‘ button on the top right – where you will find the details about the app, video tutorials, news & updates, frequently asked questions and tips.

If you want to create a new plan just tap on the top left button ‘Add Plan’ on the home screen. Name your plan you have the option of using both the American measurement standards and European measurement standards you can use the one which suits you. Add the number of different rooms that you want and that’s it you’re done. Now double tap on the plan to enter inside it and land in the layout screen. This is where you will alter the shape and size of the rooms in the plan. You can make your rooms larger or smaller, a square shaped room can be changed into a rectangular room, wall can be split apart, rooms can be made diagonal.


In the top there is a toolbar, which has a Plan button which will take you to the plans screen. Then there is a Floor button using which you can add or delete a floor to your plan, which can only be added in the layout screen. Then comes the Redo and Undo buttons which can be used in any screen. Next is the export/render in which you can share a screen shot or render via Facebook,Twitter,Flickr,Dropbox and Email. A screen shoot is just an image, but a render is realistic with shadows and other effects, this is the only app to have this feature. In the right side after help button there is the setting button using which the default settings can be altered. Next one is the screen selector using which you can switch between all the three different screens available – layout screen, interior screen and 3D screen.

Using the interior screen you can decorate the place from the 2D view and place doors, windows, beds, couch, kitchen set and other interior things for the house. In order to change the other factors like the color of the wall and cough and bed and kitchen you need to use the 3D mode to walk through and change each and every aspect of it. Not only changing the color but you can also move objects in the 3D mode. When you are in the 3D mode you can take great richer screen shots/renders.


This is an all in one interior design app which is easy to use, which can be mastered in minutes. This app deserves 5 out of 5.

Price: $9.99

Rating: 5/ 5

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