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Reading popular stories on Digg iPad app isn’t that fun, however apps like DiggMixer ensure a different experience with Digg like never before. DiggMixer presents the Digg feeds in a RSS reader concept and interface. I believe the RSS reader interface is far much entertaining and enjoyable to read the news happening around the world.

DiggMixer iPad app review

The interface was much cooler than the very own Digg’s interface and I admit that DiggMixer could be an alternative to read Digg’s stories on the iPad. The uber cool app allows you to login using your Digg account and drop your comments on your favorite and even rate the comments. cool isn’t it?

DiggMixer has a great feature which allows you to customize the percentage of stories based upon the categories. This the real Digg mixer to mix the amount of news thats shows up on the feeds. So it looks like a personalized Digg on the iPad, to remove feeds of unnecessary category that comes up on the home screen.

The app has some drawbacks besides the great offering. If you click on the story, it takes you to the Digg’s website using the inbuild browser in the app. It would be great if they have their own way to read the stories. Hope to see this happen in the next update.

As a Digg lover, DiggMixer looks great with cool and readable interface to stay updated with the trending stories on Digg.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

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