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Would you ever wish to see Dinosaurs. Would you like enjoy riding your own zoo consists of your favorite dinosaurs filled with interesting art and sounds. If yes, you can certainly make use of the Dinosaur zoo app. Dinosaur Zoo is an information packed app with animation for every dinosaur enthusiast. Dinosaur Zoo is an app that any kids who are interested in dinosaurs must own. It’s beautifully done, superbly painted, and the facts included feature the most up-to-date information that paleontologists have discovered.

With the single swipe of your finger on anywhere in the iPad, you can watch every dinosaurs catch/eat their favorite food. Its very exciting to see the dinosaurs more hungry with realistic sounds in the background. Feed the food by tapping anywhere in the iPad. If you make those dinosaurs really mad, it will break your glass and get out!.

You can also learn the bio of every dinosaurs by tapping the dinosaur icon in the app. The developer has quoted that the app comes with a starter-pack of six animals. New dino-packs are released regularly, so you can collect and grow your own zoo of dinosaurs. Hoping to see more dinosaurs to be added in the zoo.I would suggest to use this app, when you are alone to get the most exciting feel of the app. It would be more exciting if you are not interrupted by any other noises while using the app.

Price: $3.99

Rating: 4/5

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