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Always there will be a sequel for every successful product. And Don’t Drop, a popular game for iPad is no exception to this.

Don’t Drop was an amazing hit at the App Store and the developers Tech BLA Solutions Pvt ltd, has come up with an enhanced version called Don’t Drop 2. This High definition game is all about collecting the water. With some good animations and sounds, this game can get you addicted to it.


The player will be given a bucket to collect droplets. They have to move the bricks to the right or left to make sure that the droplets are collected in the bucket. They can earn points for every droplet collected in the bucket and the missed droplets make bucket to float higher and eventually end the game at some point. The player can increase his points by focusing on ‘x3’ and ‘x2’ droplets.

They can explore different levels after successfully completing each one. At the end of the game the player get the score card with the statistics about collected droplets, missed droplets, filled buckets etc., So there will be no cheating. With magnets that collect drops and Stars, Moon and Sun to earn extra points this game is exciting to play. But be cautious, there are also villains, like droplet eating character that can increase the water level and spoil your plan.

There are two modes in this game – Career Mode and Timer Mode. In Timer Mode, you have to play with a timer ticking at the top of the screen. This version of the game was released just a few weeks back and it has lot of features for a fresh release. As there is no blood or violence, it is a game for all ages. It will just cost you $0.99 and you can really try this app.

Rating: 4/5

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