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I often think about those yesteryears, when we used play simple games which demanded some chalks and lots of brain. Recently I found a digital transformation of one of those traditional games.

Dot-to-Dot – Well, I must say that, this is an addictive game for all ages. The rules are very simple here,  but the player has to involve lots of intelligence every time he/she plays. This game is about making squares or triangles with lines. There is one player mode and two players mode in this game.
In one player mode, the player has to compete with the iPad and in two player mode, he/she can play with a friend. This game is about joining the dots. The player has to do it without giving the opponent an opportunity to make a triangle or a square. This is the key to win Dot-to-Dot. For every square you get three points but, for every triangle you get just one point.

There is a Move Selector option to make this game more interesting. It provides player the restricted move options. With Move Selector on, it is more a game of luck and I really love this option. The clever mode can satisfy the expert players. They can also set the size of the grid as small, medium or large one. Dot-to-Dot also gives the option to set the time limit for each move.

Do you think highly of your intelligence? Then, try this game in one player, clever mode with Move Selector on and set minimum duration for each move. Then, you may get an idea. This game was released only a few days back and it is visually attractive even in its first version.

Price: $0.99.

Rating: 4/ 5

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