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In a world of hectic life schedules, people prefer multitasking to save time. This not only relates with the important things, but also with everyday activities like surfing Internet. Duet app from Setoh2000 brings in dual browser experience within one single app. Duet is a dual window tab browser that enables dual website viewing by utilizing the wider iPad screen. Unlike the other single window surfing experience, Duet has a multitasking experience to read and even compare without switching between tabs.

duet iPad app review

First of all, Duet is a cool app and its quite new to the iPad app family. From my point of view, Duet is really helpful, especially while we make comparison of two websites.  We can open upto 4 tabs within a single window. However, opening more than two tabs look little cramped within the app. The browsing experience is merely similar to Safari with bookmarks, save image, history except the multi window experience, cool isn’t it?

User Interface:

The ultimate aim of any  browser is to offer smooth browsing experience. When I was surfing with Duet, I felt some sluggish movement while scrolling down and the same thing happens even when scrolling on the vertical side. To get rid of this issue, restart the app twice to get over this. Duet app works great even when tabs are opened on both the window, so with this users can switch  between full view or the dual view just by tapping on the header bar of the browser.


On both portrait and landscape mode the app works flawless. On horizontal mode, the screen splits right and left, in vertical mode – the screen splits up and down. If you aren’t satisfied with Google search engine, you can change the default search engine to your preferred ones by entering these values http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=%@, http://www.bing.com/search?q=%@ on the settings option. Don’t ask me, how to set up for Ask search, just replace the text for Ask to make Ask as your default search engine.

At the end I have no words for Duet, except a must have dual window browsing app. I hope the developers will bring more updates in the future to enhance the dual browsing experience. Duet app just cost $2.99, believe me you are gonna love it. If you still not convinced with whatever I said here, you can grab the free copy of Duet Lite to experience it.

Cost: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

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