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I always get confused while referring about the capital cities of countries. It is not an unusual thing as industrial cities overshadow the capitals.

Now, there is an attractive solution for this problem in the form of an iPad app, Earth Flags HD. This app gets the world to my iPad. With this app, you could gather the most wanted details of the world countries. It responds to the queries about capital cities, extension areas, populations, currencies, calling codes, internet TLDs etc.,

This app intelligently uses Google Maps to guide users. You can search by a country name, population or extension by tapping the places button. It shows the standard map by default and you can change it into a satellite map or a hybrid map according to your wish. After displaying the map, it also provides the data.

While analyzing the data, you can hear the national anthem of the country if you want. It lists data under the flag of the country. There is an option for reversing geo-location is available. It also provides the latitude and the longitude of the place and it is easy to get. Just tap the country and get this detail. This app with an attractive user interface, is user friendly and only provides, what we want from it.

There is a new version 1.70 is available now. It is added with the new country Kosovo and the new flag for Myanmar. I think it is a very useful app for students. It makes them to learn enthusiastically about the countries. I have no reluctance in adding this app to my collection as it is available for $1.99. I don’t find many apps like this in the App Store for this little sum of money. So get Earth Flags HD to drag the world into your hand.

Rating: 4/5

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