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‘My Word! Reader – Are Squirrels Smart, or What?’ is a storybook app for the iPad that gives your kids a great reading and learning experience. It captures the imagination of young minds via a fun and creative interface, an interesting story and a bunch of fun-filled activities.


This app features interactive animation and sound effects on every page making it the perfect tool for encouraging children to read. It offers great illustrations, a nice story line and cute characters to engage your little ones and help them in their language learning.


This beautiful tale follows the activities of a smart gray squirrel and presents it in a manner that will have your little one paying rapt attention to every detail. The story also throws light on the problem solving abilities of the squirrel and explains the importance of composting, which encourages kids to practice the same.


The app is designed for kids aged 4 and above with simple and intuitive navigation, making it perfect for little fingers. If your child has doubts on what needs to be done, he can tap the ‘Help’ button. When he reads the story and comes to a word he isn’t familiar with, he just has to tap the word. The app reads the word out aloud to help your child go ahead with his reading. The new words in the story which your child must be learning for the first time are presented with animated images to convey their exact meaning. Words which are touched are automatically added to a ‘nut basket’ which is a special word bank designed in line with the “squirrel theme” of the story. When your little one completes his reading, he can review the words in the word list.

This app also has some exciting word games which will help your kid evaluate his skills on his own. There are games to spot rhyming words, identify short and long vowel sounds in words, unscramble jumbled letters and make sentences using the new words which your child has just learned. These games help in increasing your child’s vocabulary, testing reading comprehension and retention, building language skills and improving motor skills.

‘My Word! Reader – Are Squirrels Smart, or What?’ will keep your kids entertained and engaged while promoting reading. The third app in the My Word! Reader series after ‘Are bees smart, or what? and ‘Are whales smart, or what?, this app is one your kids will love. It would have been good to see some system of scoring in the word games, which would further motivate kids to sharpen their skills. Nevertheless, this app is a wonderful way to get your kid to read after school, before bedtime or on a holiday.

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Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/5


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