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Do you enjoy real lifelike physics effects in a game, in splashing colors ? Then Paint Physics by Matt Dunham, is the game you need.

Paint Physics

First by seeing the game’s description, I thought it would be an easy to play painting game. But after I started to play, I felt it challenging to get past a few levels. Its because of the natural physics effect that made it so. I’ve gotta roll the ball into various paint buckets by passing through some hurdles. Sounds easy isn’t it, but I struggled a lot to get passed the fourth level itself. It was very natural, as if I was rolling the ball on a wooden board.

I have to mention about the various hurdles, that I found in each level. Each one in unique shapes and sizes. The pattern in which I have to touch the paint buckets, was really interesting.

The concept and the UI are good. If it had a help menu, it would be easy for first time users to learn about the game. I would recommend this app to those, who want to increase their power of concentration.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 3/ 5

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