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Real 3D Anatomy

In this world, there are dog lovers and there are cat lovers. For the dog lovers out there, you probably know everything there is to know about the breed of dog you have. How to take care of it, what makes it tick, how much exercise it needs and what kind of food it likes. What you probably don’t know, is what it looks like inside and all the various organs and body parts that make your pet such a lovable creature. Well now you can study your dog both inside and out. Thanks to Dog Anatomy: Canine 3D. This App from Real Bodywork is an incredible tool for every dog owner out there curious as to what the internal workings of your dog looks like.

Real 3D Anatomy

With this wonderful App, you have an interactive manual that lets you into your dogs inner most sanctum at your fingertips. Designed for both the iPhone and the iPad, it brings to you more than 300 anatomical structures ready for exploration at any time you deem fit.

With a simple tap you can:

* Rotate the model: Zoom in, or simply cut down through the layers. You can tap the labels and you will get a detailed explanation of every structure combined with audio pronunciations, close up view and text description.
* You can study bones, organs, muscles (both superficial and deep), superficial landmarks.

And just in case you don’t think that you have the memory for anatomical names, the App has inbuilt quizzes that you can use to make sure that the information you just took in stays cemented in your mind. You can even generate your own quizzes in relation to the section you just finished studying.


Canine 3D app for iPad

This App was built for the dog lover with an inquisitive mind. If you want to find out more about man’s best friend, this is the App for you. Coming fully loaded with voluminous information that is both thorough and informative, superbly detailed images, and very helpful audio pronunciation options for those tough biological terms, this is one App every dog owner and enthusiast will want to have installed on their iPad.

It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPod touch: 3rd Generation, iPhone 4, iPod touch: 4th Generation, iPhone 4S, iPod touch: 5th Generation, iPhone 5 and the iPad. It is optimized for iPhone 5 and requires iOS 5.1 or any other later versions. It is on sale and available at the App store. Once you get your hands on this App, you will be asking yourself how you ever managed without all this information.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/5

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