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Our everyday life is filled with tons of stress and noise from outside and inside. Is there a way to escape and relax? Yes, music is the answer to this. It has the power to cut to the heart of the matter to tell us things about ourselves. I am a big fan of Indian traditional music. It is a bit complex to practice, but it is magnificent and transcends cultural differences. If you love to hear Indian music, read further.

Ragamala is an iPad app that portrays the beauty of 26 ragas and their association with colors, birds, animals, moods, paintings, poetry and music. After launching the app, it shows interesting animations to explain seven notes (Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Tha and Ni), their association with colors and their relation to specific sounds produced by animals and birds. Users can choose a note to see the raga where that note is dominant.

Ragamala has three modules – Basic module, Poet module and Browser module. These modules guide the users through all the 26 ragas. The Basic module provides introduction to a raga by presenting the scale and the theme and the Poet module lets users choose a theme for their poem. Browser module has some stunning artworks and users can explore them by note or seasons. The presentation is the one I love about this app. The designers have done some smart work for the icons and it really adds value to it.

This app was launched only a couple of weeks ago and this first version works fine without any hiccups or bugs. If you love music, you would certainly love Ragamala. I think the screenshots would tell you all. This app is really a treat! Give it a try! Ragamala is compatible with the iPads running iOS 4.2 or later.

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Price: $2.99

Download from iTunes

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