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If your enterprise takes advantage of Microsoft SharePoint features, then you should find Filamente as a great tool for your Apple device. The app, like SharePoint, is an advanced app because of its features which remains user friendliness with its ease to use. With it, you should be able to tweak your sites and subsites, and check out the activities wherever you are.

The app has five general features: content management, offline support, favorites list, document management and site viewing for both main and subsites.


A Better, Handier and Easier Framework:

With your Apple device, you don’t need to gain access to an actual computer anymore since you can start creating SharePoint data right at the palm of your hand. The thing works almost exactly like the regular version, just that it’s lighter and much easier to use since the editor comes in the WYSIWYG rich text HTML format. Once you have synced the files to your Apple device, you can simply share it to your organizational database in a much active scale. And in case you find yourself tangled in some issues or difficulties, you can simply prompt the offline support in order to better investigate each angle of your sites and skim through the records from your logs and libraries. On top of that, all data transactions are made foolproof and optimally secure through secure shell integration and iOS standard hardware encryption.

Next on the limelight would be the part where you get to set your favorites apart from usual or continuously flowing SharePoint data. This section lets you cluster everything in the most effective way so you can, without fuss, raise the amount of productivity within your local network team through real-time collaborative work. Plus, you get the TeamViewer experience through a couple slides wherever and whenever.

Of course, the SharePoint portability experience won’t be complete without its document management and site viewing perks. For one, it enables the user to view different types of Microsoft office files rather than having to separately open a different viewing platform like Google Docs. All the files can be seen through the app itself, which lessens the RAM consumption for faster processes to be maintained. What’s more is that it pairs up perfectly with SharePoint versions 2007 onward and its Dropbox integration that lets you share files from the cloud within your team and other teams that are of import to your concurrent SharePoint projects.

Filamente-File-MS Office

A couple other features would include branding of your company, background editing, passcode lock for security purposes, personal notes and VGA output compatibility.

Convenient Functions:

* As you log in, you will be able to see a welcome page to your site.
* From there, you will be able to share your site, change the theme, set an icon and customize quick launch.
On the left side bar, you can see different tabs that allows you to view all your pages, the recent changes, accounts created by people within your organization, ID’s modifications and a couple more.
* You can set up a new SharePoint site in the Workspace and set meetings at certain times and dates on the calendar.
* You can check out the shared documents and open the different files directly in your Apple device, may it be PowerPoint slides, trip reports, image files or text docs.
* There are easy click icons that allow you to do certain actions like email file, delete item, add icon and upload documents on any site or subsite.
* Easily tap local documents to view them and swipe to and fro for the next and previous items.

Updates remain free which means you can take advantage of its imminent integration the soonest its available.

Price: $19.99
Rating: 4/5

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