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I was always curious to know about Dragons. Since I’ve watched them in movies, in my childhood. I was looking out for a single place, where I can find all the information about the Dragons. Then one of my colleague, introduced me the “Dragons!” app.


The Dragons! app is not like typical encyclopedias’ or other books. Its totally different in all aspects. There is no search boxes in it, like other apps of these type. When you open the app, you just find some tiles of Dragons, split on the home page in random order. On the left side you’ll find a round button named “Dragons”.

Once you tap on the “Dragons” buttons, you’ll find the following buttons popping out of it. They are “Arrange”, “Size”, “Group” and “info”. Under each of these you have several more. If you tap on the “Arrange” button four more buttons pop up – “Grid”, “Circle”, “Random” and “Pile”, will pop up, you can play using these four by arranging them in different order. If you select Grid, then all the scattered Dragon tiles will be arranged like a grid. By selecting the “Circle” button you can make all the tiles form a circle pattern. The “Random” will scatter the tiles, and “Pile” will pile up the tiles one over another.

Next is “Size”, where you can arrange the Dragons in various sizes – “Small”, “Medium” and “Large”. Then comes the “Group” , you can also play with this by arranging them by “Type”, “Origin”, and “Rating”. Finally comes the “info”, where you can find details “About” the app and “Help”.

If you wanna know about any particular Dragon, then just double tap on it. Then you can read the full story about that Dragon. Hear its roar, learn the place of its origin by tapping on the map thats displayed and size by tapping on the Dragon near the “How Big ?” section. You can see its size compared with that of a human being. You have a “Gallery” of the various pictures of the Dragon. You do have the image of the Dragon in plain white background. You can take a print out of this image using Apple’s “AirPrint” technology. And color it as you like. At the last you have the “Do You Know ?” section, where you have some tiles of the Dragon spread across. If you select any one of them, you can find various amazing facts about that Dragon. You can also give “Rating” to your favorite Dragon, at the top right side of that page.

It would be great, if it had a social media sharing option like “Facebook” and “Twitter”. In all other aspects its good. I would recommend it for kids as well as those who are eager to know more about Dragons. It has stuff worthy for its price.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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