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Are you worried of being a slow reader ? Don’t worry, BananaBox Inc has developed ‘Acceleread’ iPad app, specifically to boost your reading speed.


Acceleread is a tool, made for slow readers, to improve their reading speed. It not only improves our speed but, also fine tunes our ability to understand, what we read using it. When you use this app for the very first time, you need to set your base line by taking a speed test. You can also save the points you score in your speed test, for future comparison.

They have provided five different trainings. First one is ‘Word Flash’ – where you can learn to read words in groups. Next is the ‘Diamond Highlighter’ – it helps to concentrate on a specific group of words in a whole sentence. The Column Highlighter – displays words/sentence in columns, like the Bible, thus helping us to increase our reading speed. Hopscotch – where you need to move your eyes around, in order to read the words. Finally, the Sight Stretcher – helps you to read many words at a stretch, without any distractions.

If you can’t keep up with the default speed settings (which was very high). Then you can change them for your level, you are comfortable with. Using the ‘Guided Course’, in which you can get more understanding power, by reading a story and then answering the questions about it. It will also track the time you take for it.

Based on your scores you can achieve three different trophies – one for the beginners level, one for the intermediate level and one the expert level. The developers have mentioned that you can improve your reading speed in 10 days, using this app. As you use it again and again you can see your improvement. Also you can play the speed test with you family and friends too.

I recommend this to people who are in professions, where they need to read a lot of documents and mails etc. But also others can use it and improve your reading skills.

Price: $7.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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