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iPads come with a default photo organizer, Photos. However, its functionality is very limited apart from holding all the images. If you need more from a photo organizer, Smart Photo Album can help you.


Smart Photo Album is a new app that was launched only a month back. After installing it, this app will begin scanning all the photos in your iPad and will organize it on the basis of the IPTC metadata. Then, it displays the list of the keywords and users can find the images they want with ease. But the users need to assign the metadata before moving the images to the iPad.

smart_photo_albumIf you want to find photos with the keyword ‘goose’, you can start with the term ‘birds’ and can refine it with ‘goose’. Smart Photo Album denotes it with an arrow, where there is a possibility for refining the search. Smart Photo Album provides no instruction on how to use it. I was a bit confused at the beginning to find my way through it. Another serious limitation of this app is, it lets users to create album on the basis of only one criteria – keyword. Users also can’t name the album, as it gives a default name based on the keyword. However, developers promise that they will work on these two areas in the future.

Smart Photo Album is the first app to scan this metadata. It looks rock solid for a first version. Let us hope for more features in the second version. This app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 2/ 5

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