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Playing board games have always been my interest since the launch of iPad. I have played plenty of board games that is less strategic and luck. I would say Fluke HD is an action filled game to play along with your family and loved ones. Having played many times I could n’t reach the level that I have aimed for. This games needs to be played more strategic and bit of luck.

I would also like to include the developer’s quote as mentioned “Fluke HD represents a digital twist on the board game genre with gameplay in the vein of classics such as Snakes & Ladders, Sorry! and Ludo”.

Know your game well before you start play. You will be given a four coloured tokens. You must be successfully navigate/complete it through any one of the many boards. In between, be aware obstacles are on the way. You will have to navigate before your contenders in order to win. Be more strategic to navigate across all the four pieces. Once you have finished all four of their game pieces, you are succeed in finishing  the game. I would say,  The more I play the Fluke HD the more I am addicted towards this board game because I have become more strategic to beat my opponents.

The game itself is more interesting to play. The game has these cool features :
✔ Live multi-player
✔ Game Center integrated
✔ OpenFeint enabled
✔ 3 uniquely themed board layouts
✔ Interactive online leaderboards via OpenFeint integration
✔ Un-lockable game achievements

I would say board games will never lose their appeal after playing this excellent game. This app can give more fun and joy when you play with your loved ones and friends.

Price: $0.99

Ratings: 4/5

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