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Home Productivity for Meetings App Review: Not Just Your Average Meetings App

There is no scarcity of meetings apps for the iPad. After all, these nifty apps really proved to revolutionize the way meetings and various other agendas can be done. However, it is growing apparent that many of these once-in-demand apps are slowly becoming dated due primarily to active innovations being introduced in technology and the rise of other competition (usually in the form of app variations). It is clear that meetings apps need to be tweaked significantly so as to be able to earn or regain its rightful place in this aspect of today’s modern workplace. One app that could very well fit this definition is “for Meetings”.

for Meetings — the app’s name itself readily reveals the straightforwardness that permeates its features. The app also gives equal focus to organization, as it allows you to use structured list elements such as numbers and bullet points; without a doubt, these go a long way in setting up your content. As for the content itself, you can use the app to list actions, notes, comments and remarks, images, and even keep a journal-like account of your private thoughts.  

Meetings Organizing Tool App

You would always get an organized view of how each of your meetings would transpire and progress. If you have a part that you want to excise from your content, you need only to highlight it then drag and drop it to the app’s own trash bin. The app also lets you update a series of lines with only a single tap. This way, you can also easily edit your scheduled presentations according to factors such as importance and time to spend on each part.  

You can also easily assign tasks to attendees due to the app’s real-time text editing capability; you only need to drag and drop the attendees to connect them to the content that you have made. It also lets you pick the deadline of each task or action (in minutes), as well as indicate its priority levels so as to spare you from the hassle of relaying such important pieces of information. Once you are done, the content can be published into organized agendas.

The number of prospective attendees will be listed for you as well, and you can easily sort them, again by dragging and dropping, to the three main sections: Attendees, Apologies, and Absent. You can arrange them on the digital meeting table; who’s going to chair, the number of minutes you are going to assign to each attendee’s agenda, etc.

Meetings Agendas and Note Takings App

You will be given an overview of your schedule and agenda by using the app’s built-in calendar. The app also has an integrated search function, which makes searching for keyword-based information that much more convenient. It is also not very difficult to master the app because, as you begin using it, a lot of helpful tips pop up and guide you on how to use a specific feature; as an added bonus, the frequency and manner in which these tips appear is entirely under the user’s control.

What clearly makes for Meetings different from other meetings apps like GoDocs and Penultimate, each of which has its own noteworthy perks and advantages, is that this app is clearly an upgrade, features-wise and interface-wise, over the said apps. Its utilization of drag-and-drop technology, a feature that many iPad users undoubtedly want to have as much as possible in the apps that they are using, only serves to highlight its user-friendliness and sophistication. Take note that it is only compatible for the iPad, with an iOS version of 8.0 or higher; a minor hurdle since it is the preferred device for business by many people in the first place. 


Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

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