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Facebook with more than 500 million registered users, still doesn’t have a native Facebook iPad app. Even the Facebook iPhone app has been updated recently to fix previous version bugs. I don’t have an idea, how long does Facebook needs to develop their own iPad app, but it looks like they have given the option for third party developers to fill their absence. Anyways there are few Facebook third party app and my favorite pick among them was Friendly – Facebook Browser iPad app.

friendly - facebook iPad app

Friendly does looks like an official Facebook app, with all the features that you can expect on your iPad. The looks, color, layout and almost everything reminds me of Facebook web browser. The app doesn’t offer any ads to be displayed on the sidebar, so this means you get more room for facebooking. Things look to be great for an normal facebooker who checks the account for friend feed and make a new status update.

The app was good for an normal Facebook user, but for many who looks for something additional, this is not the app for you. When I was checking the app for possible features, I was disappointed with the necessary features like chat, no photo uploading, no games. For a Facebook user like me, I use all these features on daily basis, so without these I don’t think its good to go. These three are not the only drawbacks, the live feed in this app doesn’t refresh automatically and the funniest part, there is no button to refresh the live feed. All you can do is navigate to different tab to refresh the live feed and this is really annoying.


Friendly – Facebook Browser is suitable for just checking the feeds and replying to mails, since we don’t have the native Facebook iPad app. So till Facebook launches their own iPad app, there is no other better app than Friendly to check our Facebook profile. If the developers puts an update to include the lacking feature, then I am gonna love it.

Cost: $4.99

Rating: 3/5

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  1. And here's the first update. Version 2.0 is now available on the App Store.

    From the patch notes:
    "What's New In Version 2.0?

    – Facebook Chat
    – Slideshow photo album, flip through albums or play them full screen
    – Fixed issue with duplicates entries
    – Fixed issue with News Feed / Live Feed switch
    – Fixed issue with videos sometimes not playing
    – Fixed navigation to photo from live feed
    – Fixed links to Facebook notes
    – Share articles from browser popup
    – Quick access to Feedback/Help page"

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