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Home Accessories Education Frog Game 1: Help Your Children Improve Their English-Speaking Skills

I have a four-year-old daughter who speaks with a lisp. The doctors tell me that she’ll eventually grow out of it with speech therapy. This got me looking through books and articles on children with similar medical conditions and ways to correct it, that’s when a friend introduced me to an app named Frog Game 1. The app has been created by Raddlist, who is a certified Speech–Language Pathologist. It has been designed to develop children’s auditory and verbal skills through phonological awareness that contributes to reading, comprehension and spelling.

Frog Game iPad App for Kids

Though there’s so much of educational reasoning and scientific thought that has been put into developing the app, when you look at it you’ll realize how simple things have been made to help children understand and learn as they play.

The story revolves around a little frog named Hoppi who can talk and tell stories to his friends. One day an evil wizard sees the frog and becomes jealous and casts a spell to take away the frog’s voice. But when he was trying to run away, he happens to drop his spell book, his key to the castle, and his wand. Now it’s your job to get them all safe back to Hoppi so he can undo the spell.

Teach your child to play his/her way through the game by learning consonants and vowels and matching them to words while you help Hoppi find his way to the wizard’s castle. To get started, you have to click on the blinking TV that you see in the right hand corner of your screen to read Hoppi’s story. Now your child can play through different levels that have letters and pictures which you can drag and match. Along with this, you also have a narrator in the background, who teaches kids the accent and pronunciation as they learn. Dropbox is available to store all information on the progress of each child.

Frog Game Educational App

The specific features of the app that I like are how the app wonderfully defines sounds, its vocabulary with hundreds of pictures, fingerspelling ASL with capital and lower case letters and more. I find the app to be just right for ages 4 and 5 and it does have a lot to offer in terms of improving children’s communication skills. Besides Frog Game 1 there are two other games, Frog Game 2 and 3 that feature Hoppi.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

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