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It is good to see kids dealing with gadgets like iPhone, iPod Touch etc., You can achieve this by getting some educational apps form App Store . Let us review one of them.

Fun Farm Patterning is an education app, that has been designed exclusively for the kids around the age of 6. It teaches patterns to them. In the Activities section, this app has three options – Practice Patterns, Complete a Pattern, Find the Mistake. Practice Patterns teaches basic patterns such as AB, AAB, ABB and ABC. It has six squares with question marks and four animals at the bottom of the screen.


With these kids can make pattern learning a fun – filled experience. They can substitute animals for the letters A, B and C and begin the patterning activity. After the completion of every successful patterning, the app recognize the achievement of the little genius with the “hurray” sound. That would really motivate!

In the second section Complete a Pattern, kids can find animals arranged in a particular pattern. But there will be a missing spot. They have to analyze the pattern and fill the missing spot by choosing an animal from the bottom of the screen. It will motivate them even if they score “0”. Motivation is the most important thing to keep on working, isn’t it?

In the third section, Find the Mistake, kids will get twelve animals arranged in a particular pattern. But it has a misplaced animal within this. They have to spot the mistake and move on to the next pattern. They have to complete as many patterns as possible within a minute.  I think this app would be a good choice for teaching patterns, as it has good drawings and designs to suit the needs of the kids around the age of six.

Rating: 4/ 5

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  1. As a teacher and parent of a kindergarten-aged child, the importance of patterning can not be overlooked; it is essential in the creation of critical and mathematical thinking skills at this developmental stage. I purchased this app two days ago, and my child is very receptive to the pedagogical sequencing, as it reinforces and enriches what he is learning at Kindergarten.

    Fun Farm Patterning is an app that all parents and educators should seriously consider.

    Thanks again,

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