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Is it possible for an app to appeal to both kids and grown-ups alike? Yes, a new iPad app named ‘Fur and Feathers’ has the fun and frolic that will excite and engage people of all ages.


What is the app about?

Fur and Feathers is a matching game. There are various kinds of birds named Pepper, Coco, Felix, Do, and Elvis which are seated on electric wires. The idea of the game is to score points by matching birds of the same color or type. The birds also need to be saved from a cat which flies with the help of a balloon over the electric wires to eat them. The HD graphics and sound effects in this game are very funny and are sure to entertain users for hours together.

What makes the app special?

Fur and Feathers consists of 2 levels – A Normal level for children aged 4 and above and a Hard level for children aged 10 and above. The game has a special mode called Fever mode, which multiplies your score according to your performance. To add to the fun, there is a spotted egg named Nine which jumps and explodes if it is not matched with a pair of birds quickly. The birds’ funny expressions are not to be missed as they will surely make you laugh out loud.

Playing the game:

To start playing Fur and Feathers, select a level of your choice. As and when you complete a move, you will be provided with instructions to proceed. Move the birds along the wire by dragging them and then release them by pulling them down, so that they jump to the next wire. You can match more than 3 birds of the same type or color in one go. Be quick in making the right matches to score more points.

The Fever mode gets activated after you make 3 matches. In the Normal level, scores increase in multiples of 3 and in the Hard level, scores get doubled. Beware of the cat which comes flying around to eat the birds! If the cat manages to eat a bird, you automatically come out of the fever mode. You will then have to make 3 matches again for the Fever mode to get activated. At times, you see sparkles on the wires due to high voltage, resulting in birds losing their life. You can quickly stop the sparkle by tapping on it, to minimize the loss of life.

As this app supports multi-touch, you can play with both your hands and even with your friends. This makes the game all the more amusing and thrilling. I would recommend adding more competitive levels to this game, as I feel that the Hard level is not all that challenging. Apart from this, Fur and Feathers is the greatest entertainer for kids and adults.

Fur and Feathers costs $0.99 and requires iOS 4.0 or a later version. Though the app is compatible with all versions of the iPad, you need iPad 3 to enjoy the best effects of the HD Retina display.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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