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I am going to make this very short and sweet. The app is the best you could have when you are designing or making plans for a large event. The app allows files to be easily carried around on your iPad. Imagine easy access to your  MS Project file on your iPad itself. No need to go scouting for your laptop or your desktop. View every detail of your plan on the go and make changes whenever you think of them, instead of  waiting to get in front of the laptop or PC.

The app is specifically developed with project managers in mind, to help in planning projects in an interactive way. The app enables pinch to zoom on the Gantt to change time scales. The app also comes with a ‘Bird’s eye view’ which gives you an enlarged view on each section of the project at hand,  by  just using your finger to choose the concerned area.

After a lot of analysis, the app has proved to be the best with effective working on varied industry and geography with all kinds of MS Project plans and has been tested on MS Project 2010, 2007 and 2003 versions. Another amazing thing to note is that, the app developers are interested in working on new ideas and if any defects  are found ,they are willing to cope with user requirements and feedback. This makes things easier for users and if you have an idea that you would like to share, please let the developer know through your comments and feedback.

The features that the app provides you with are opening projects from the email inbox, from the Dropbox, the ‘Bird’s eye view’ that I was telling you about ,  helps in zooming in on Gantt to change Gantt Time Scale and provides you with a slider bar which widens the viewing area for Gantt  which is commonly known as the Table view. The app presents the compatibility to view MS Project 2010, 2007 and 2003 files.

Even the transfer of the file to your iPad cannot be as simple as this. First save your MS Project file in the form of xml  using the ‘Save as option’ in the File save dialogue box. Then send the file as an email to your id and now open the attached xml file that you sent yourself in your email inbox using Gantt Pro App and you are there.

If it doesn’t work that way, you could always save the MS Project file in the xml file format using the ‘Save as option’ in the File save dialogue box and then add the file to your dropbox folder and open the attached xml file from your dropbox folder in your Gantt Pro App. Or you can always do it through iTunes. I would go for the first option  as it’s a lot easier. So that’s it, the app is generous and effective in its work and nothing has made working on projects this easy. Getting an app like this is what you should have on your shopping list. The Lite version of this app Gantt Lite is also available in the App Store.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/5

download from iTunes

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  1. I have this App and I concur that it's great business App. I like the Bird's eye view. My plan spans 4 years and hundreds of task, this feature gives me a unique perspective of the Tool. I recently used this App to review my plans while camping at Green Mountains, VT…. Crazy……:)

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