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SID On has come up with another interesting game called ‘Fat Jump’. This is a funny jumping game, with a green hero, whose favorite fruits and vegetables had been stolen by a purple monster and you have to help him get them back.

Fat Jump

The controls are pretty simple, once you tap on the starting screen, our green hero starts jumping and you have to tilt your device to control where he lands. Then you can tap to launch the rockets to destroy any monsters. On your way through the endless levels of the game, please find the lists of dos’ and don’t below.

Eat Only These To Keep You Flying.

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Fish
  • Carrot

Eat These If You Want To Get Fatter, Fall Down And Die. Thats It Game Over.

  • Cookie
  • Muffin
  • Burger
  • Hot-Dog

You Can Get These Power Ups, As You Jump Up In The Game

  • Springs – Only pushes you up a little bit high.
  • Propeller Helmet – Much more than the springs
  • Da Vinci Wings – It flies up to 100m
  • Bird Wings – It flies up to 1000m
  • Hi Tech Wings – It flies up to 2000m

As you go up in the game, you can also collect gold coins for upgrading purposes. Further, you will find three completely different environments, that’s really cool. You can share your hight scores in Facebook, Twitter, Game Center, Open Feint, and in Fat Jump’s own online as well as offline scoreboards.

It has stunning graphics and good background music especially the sound effects. The Graphics artists had worked so hard that, I would like to use the term they have ‘carved’ each and every part of the game. To be specific, once you lose the game, you can find the green hero, flying like a cute white angel, great work!

The game may sound funny, but it carries a strong message to both the young and the old. It indirectly says that, eat natural food like, fruits & vegetables and avoid junk food which is unhealthy. Hat’s off to SID On who had developed a game with a message, which the society needs to be aware of.

I have reviewed many games, but most of them are made for fun. Only there are a few exceptions, and Fat Jump is one among them. It is far more valuable than what you pay for it. People of all ages will love this game.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Download from iTunes

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