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Number Sudoku for iPad

What is Numfeud?

Numfeud is an amazing new iOS game that guarantees fun, challenge and excitement to anyone who plays it. It is a simple turn based game in which you have to lay down all your tiles in the right combination before your opponent succeeds in doing so. To lay down the right combination, they should either run in the right numerical order and be of the same color or be of different colors but have the same numerical value. Though the concept might sound really simple it can get you scratching your head, because moves that might seem to make sense, might not work while your opponents come up with perfect combos and defeat you.

Number Sudoku for iPad

System requirements:

There are some technical requirements for you to be able to enjoy this app. You can enjoy playing this app on your iPhone devices including iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.
Numfeud features:

* Simple to use – even if you are completely new to the world of gaming apps, you will find it very easy to understand this app, and moreover will start enjoying as soon as you begin playing.
* Compete internationally – if you are bored competing with locals, take it a step ahead and compete with anyone across the world. On the avatar you will be able to see an international indicator. This helps you know if you are playing with someone outside your native country.
* Keep track of success – the app has a performance-tracking feature that helps you keep track of your performance. This will surely help you stay motivated while playing the game.
* Stay connected – you can share your success instantly via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
* Enjoy chatting – using the chatting feature you can get to know about your competition and keep them engaged in some healthy banter while you try to win the game.
* In app purchases – this app is free, but there are certain in app purchases that will help you enjoy on edge on the competition.

Number Solving Game


The Numfeud app is just 24.3 MB so it is easy to install, and easy to start, so you can start having fun in no time. Moreover, with iPhone devices’ trusted software and hardware components, anyone who downloads it in their iPad, iPod touch or iPhone should be ready for a treat.


Multiplayer puzzle game with original concept that is sure to keep everyone engagedClever strategic elementsEnable you to play with people across the worldSimple to learn but not that easy to master


This app has no downsides whatsoever.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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