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I was looking for a way to get all my favorite magazines at one place. Then I found Magzter which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. Magzter is a global mobile magazine store, where you can get a diverse range of magazines in all categories.


As far as I have seen, Magzter is the only magazine app that provides dynamic content such as video and audio files within the magazine. You can also participate in contests or polls and even open any interesting web links, all within the app.

You can create a free account in Magzter to start accessing the magazines. The magazines available are displayed in thumbnail view. You can search for magazines either by their category or by using keywords that are related to it. Magzter even has the option of letting users preview a few pages of the magazines before making their purchases.

A single click is all that is required to buy a single copy of a magazine or pay for a subscription. Once you subscribe for a magazine, you will automatically start receiving its new issues.

Once you register with Magzter, it keeps track of all the magazines you have bought. So if you’ve got yourself a new iPad or maybe deleted some magazines which you purchased earlier, you can still access them anytime. Magzter is easy to use and it offers a convenient solution to carry your magazines around wherever you go.

The magazines look great on Magzter. The first magazine I read on the app was a technology magazine called Digit and it looked stunning. I love the feature of turning pages with a simple tap or flick. The video that I watched in one of the magazines was relevant, interesting and blended seamlessly with the other content.

I like being able to get a subscription because it saves a lot of money when compared to buying magazines at full cover price. I feel magazines offering Magzter subscriptions are doing a smart thing and are getting more business in this digital era.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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