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We have been looking at lots of Halloween apps these days, but there is none of them actually meant for kids. Yes! Not many of the Halloween apps entertain, keeping children in mind. In other words, there are not many that bring out the Halloween spirit in kids.

‘Ghosts’ is a new iPad app that is meant exclusively for kids. It comes with a thrilling poem by John Cunliffe. The app is scary enough to entertain kids with pop up images of ghosts, goblins and fantasy creatures that are seen as discover them.

ghosts ipad app

When you open the app you see a main menu that shows two different options to explore the app. One is ‘Explore House’ and the other is ‘Read Poem’.

Selecting ‘Explore House’ will take you to a page that requires you to choose a ghostly friend to accompany you though the house. Once you select a friend character, you are into exploring the house. The interesting part of Explore House is the background sound and illustration. On each scene, you discover objects on the screen to see ghosts and as per the story, you will be hearing John’s voice, while you will be having a look for the hidden hot spot. What if you are not able to find the hot spots? Well, there is nothing to worry, just click on the ghostly friend to highlight the hidden spot.

Now let’s move on to the next option – ‘Read Poem’. ‘Read Poem’ lets you listen to the poem without any creepy animations. It is a simple option and obviously a needed option for kids to read and learn the story.

It’s time for the final verdict. Ghosts for iPad is an impressive story telling app on the iPad, but this is purely meant to entertain kids. As an adult I haven’t found anything scary here, however when it comes to kids, this app will surely scare them. The base of this app is the interesting storyline, backed by spooky animations and scary sounds. There are few things I think the developers should make a note of. There is no back button when we are into the ‘Explore House’ then there could have been a pause on the ‘Read Poem’ option to pause the voice. However, overall ‘Ghosts’ is a must try app for your kids this Halloween!

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

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