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Even though the Halloween has been over, it seems like the party fever is still not over. As a part of this, Hiratte Software Solution has updated its famous app “Ghosty Party HD”.

Ghostly Party HD

Ghosty Party HD is a color puzzle game that comes with a backdrop of the Halloween theme. Its home screen itself can speak volume about this colorful app and its theme. The game-play is pretty simple. The players need to tap on more than 2 ghosts of the same color. The more ghosts they clear the more points they get. In each level they have a target score to reach. If the players fail to reach that score within a specific time, the game will get over.

However, if they managed to reach that necessary score for that level, then they can enter the next level with a higher target to reach. It may seem simple, but once a player starts playing it he will know how tricky it is. If he manages to clear a group of ghosts fast for a few times then, he will get the combo score. This game has got an online scoreboard. Other than these few things, there is nothing much to say about it.

Though this game is interesting, it has some downsides too. After completing a level, and registering a high-score and updating it online, the user can’t close that high-score box. You need to quit the game and restart it, in order to access other options of the app. The graphics and colors are pretty good and the UI is easy to use. Ghosty party lets users share their scores on Facebook.

Ghosty Party HD is a time-killer game for sure. I recommend it to people who sit bored all day.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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