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Of all the technology that’s available in the world today in the field of media ,  I have always wished for something that could save my emotions with the pictures I take, and there are even times when I used to wish to see different places of the world and experience its different sounds and it could all go only as far as a dream.

But now it seems like as if some one has entered my mind and read my thoughts, for only the other day when i was looking through the apps store I found an app, and it seemed as if it was made just for me. Yes! the app of my dreams is named ” Global sounds”, when I first saw it I was shocked, it was all I have ever wanted.

Global sounds is an application that enables you to listen to different sounds of different things around the world. For example, if you have a sudden urge to hear the church bells of Rome or the flowing waters of the river Thames, well its just a “tap” away.

Are you confused? Not to worry I’ll run you through all the details. Using this app I feel I can be at any place at anytime and witness the event like as if I were there, if I wanted to see & listen the sound of the Vancouver Island, Ferry’ I could do it just by choosing the location and the category of the sound that I want to listen to  and the app just magically transports me there.

That’s not all, besides this it also has the facility to record your own sounds, take pictures when you take a trip anywhere in  the the world and save it with the sound  in  the back ground, for example a ride in the tram, or pictures of historical places in the world like in Rome save these pictures in memory of the event and you can add comments to them too.

These are just some ways that I might use it, but the option is open to you, you could be even more creative and fix it up as you like. Now that ‘s nice, isn’t it?. Well its gets even better,  you can also share your joys and experiences with the world, by uploading them on to “Global Sounds Application”.

I am all excited and can’t wait to explore this even more, I have already made a list of all the different sounds of the world that I want to listen to, and waiting with anticipation to go on the next weekend break to take pictures and upload them to “Global Sounds”. This app is sure to bring me joy and what makes  it even better when the app is free.

Price : Free

Rating : 4/5

download from iTunes

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