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Home Productivity Glympse – Share GPS location with friends and family

Not all GPS apps can claim to be easy to use, but Glympse (iOS/Android, Free) is GPS designed with the end user in mind. The app makes it easy for users to share their location instantly with friends and family. There are no complicated contact lists to maintain, and with simple push interfaces, users can send their GPS location to friends looking to meet up, family members wondering on an ETA from work or a day trip, and work colleagues looking for a location update before a meeting.

iPhone app screenshot                                                                        iPhone app screenshot

Glympse is safe, and deletes your location after it is viewed. The ETA feature allows people to see where you are in comparison to your destination on a map, and makes it easier for you to let people know you’re on your way.

Verdict: Glympse is one of the easiest GPS apps to use, and its ease of use lends itself to the practical side of GPS. Users with the app can let family, friends and co-workers know where they are when they need that information most.

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