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To be frank, learning is not a great fun for kids, especially for the pre – school children. Teaching for my two year old is not a great experience for me too.

I got to know about GoodieWords from my friends and decided to give it a try as it is available at free of cost. Yes, it really has some real good stuff for pre – schoolers. This app was designed in a way to help kids in understanding a new word in an easy and playful way.


With this app, all a kid needs to do is touch a word, he/she wants to know about. Then this app will begin exploring all the facts a kid wants to know about the word. This exploration comes with wonderful colors and artwork. This app of GoodiesWords pack introduces three words – Rainbows, Balance, Fingerprints to kids. For fingerprints, it explains, that they “help tell us apart, even when our sister is out twin.” These kinds of facts would really sound interesting for a pre – school children. Even a kid, who doesn’t know to read can get these informations as a background voice reads them.

It is fun for the user, as he/she can play with the kids in the screen. Just touch them and watch their reaction. Thanks to the pretty animations. They can now erase the rain to see the rainbow and move the sun to make it bigger. These are the little things one would expect in an app for kids.

The choice of words and the design of the app tell us that it is created with the help of educational experts. If you have pre – school child in your house, it is worth to give this app a try. There are four more packs of this application is available and this first pack comes for free.

Rating: 4/ 5

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  1. This is a very pretty app. I think with this apps’ help, for the kids, it will be easy for in understanding a new word in an easy and playful way.

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