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Right from when I was a kid, the weekends are the days I’ve always looked forward to. All my friends and family gather in my backyard and we enjoy barbecue parties. Grilling has always been my mum’s forte. Watching her skilled hands create the most delicious grilled dishes, I’ve been inspired to try out some of my own.

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While looking through all the resources available, I found Great Backyard Grilling, which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. The app has been developed by CulinartMedia Inc for On the House. CulinartMedia is already well known for its top of the line culinary apps like Great Maine Food.

This app is a must-have for both novices and grilling experts. The ‘Recipes’ section has a variety of over 50 grilled delicacies. Each recipe is clearly explained and has a list of the things needed to make it. The details of how it has to be grilled, the time taken for preparation and cooking and descriptions of the ingredients are also included. You will also know the level of difficulty in cooking a recipe. As I was grilling for the first time, I found it helpful to experiment with the easy ones first before trying my hands at those which required more time and effort.

And just like Great Maine Food, which I previously reviewed, sharing recipes with your friends has been made easy in this app too through the integrated Facebook and email sharing options. You can add your favorite recipes to the ‘Favorites’ section and also to the ‘Menu’ section from where you can send invites to your friends with the details of your party and all the tasty grilled dishes you will be preparing.

If you want to create a shopping list, then you could add a recipe to the ‘Shopping’ section. In case you’ve already got some of the ingredients at home, you could exclude those from your shopping list. There is also an option of adding notes to recipes which is very helpful. If you are grilling for 6 people, you needn’t rack your brains about the quantities of ingredients you will be requiring. Leave it to the ingredient calculator to do the job!

To avoid the hassle of keeping an eye on your watch as you grill, the app is designed with a convenient inbuilt timer which lets you know exactly when you should take your food off the grill. You also have a ‘Know-How’ section which is meant for videos which teach you how to make your grilled favorites.

However, to watch the grilling videos you will have to wait for an update. Locating a specific recipe by browsing through a list can be time consuming. And it would have been good if the ingredient calculator had more flexibility in choosing the number of people you will be serving.

I had set my timer to complete the last bit of grilling my dish required. I just couldn’t wait to take a photograph of my first grilled dish. After I took the photo, I realized that the app loaded again from the start and the timer which I had set was gone, as the app doesn’t support multi-tasking!

But the app looks good and I recommend this app to all, especially newbies, as it is really easy to learn the art of grilling by using this app. Great Backyard Grilling has made me a great grill master!

Price: $ 3.99

Rating : 3.5/5

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