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Eager to try my hand at cooking, I was browsing through the apps in the App Store, looking for the perfect guide. I almost gave up my search after trying out some apps, when Great Maine Food developed by Culinart Media for Down East, caught my eye. As I live in Boston, this app which features all my favorite sea food recipes from Maine grabbed my attention.


For those of you who are eager to learn how to cook or if you want to sharpen your culinary skills, I would recommend Great Maine Food. Now let’s have a look at the features of the app and you’ll see why it’s so special.
As soon as you tap open the app, you see a Maine lobster and a short but savory video clip which is sure to make your mouth water. Then you are back to the home page, where you see a navigation bar which has a variety of sections from ‘Cook’ to ‘Eat’. Let’s see what’s inside each one of them. Wherever you are, you can click on ‘Home’, to be taken to the section where you landed.

The ‘Cook’ section has all the favorite dishes of Maine, from desserts, soups to main dishes and many more. There are more than 100 recipes in this section under different categories. When you select any one of the recipes listed there, you get all the details on how to prepare the dish with an illustration of the finished dish. If you’ve got any doubts about the ingredients listed in the recipes, then you need not worry at all. There are small descriptions of the ingredients and images which are displayed in pop-ups to help you. This feature is indeed of  great help to beginners.

This section also has a whole lot of other cool features. You can share your favorite recipes with your friends & family on Facebook or through email. By adding recipes to the ‘Menu’ section, you will be able to send invites to your friends & family along with details of the party and the dishes you’re gonna prepare for the occasion. You could also add your favorite dishes to the ‘Favorites’ section and also to the ‘Shop’ section for your shopping list. If you feel that it would be great to add an ingredient of your choice to the recipe then save it as a note, for later reference .

Don’t panic if you receive an intimation that your friend is coming with his whole family to the party. This is where the ingredient calculator comes into play by helping you calculate the exact quantity of ingredients you will require for the additional guests. To avoid the inconvenience of taking regular glances at the clock as you cook, this app comes with an inbuilt timer that helps you keep track of time easily.

You can learn to cook using video demos in the ‘Learn’ section. What really impressed me about this app is the ‘Eat’ section which provides details of restaurants, specialty stores, inns with dining, wineries and breweries etc., which can be viewed as a list or located on the integrated Google Maps. I found this section so appealing that I planned a trip to Maine right away!

My 4 hour drive to Maine was worth the effort as I got to taste many of the delicious dishes which I learned about from this app. I also got the opportunity to attend a couple of training sessions in cooking where I learned to prepare some exotic lobster delicacies. This was the highlight of my trip and my first cooking experience turned out to be really exciting, thanks to this app.

It would have been good if Twitter & other social media sharing options had also been integrated in the ‘Cook’ section just like how Facebook sharing is a part of it. As the app has many recipes under various categories, looking for a specific one takes time as there is no search option available. People like me who are on a diet, would have felt better if the details of calories were included in the recipes. And some of the videos in the ‘Learn’ section are available only after registration.

Great Maine Food has a user-friendly interface and is worth its price of $4.99. I will recommend it to all of you who are visiting Maine for the first time, so that you can have an experience as memorable as mine!

Rating: 4/5

Price: $4.99

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