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Groove is the best music player for iPad. This app will definitely give you a new way to experience the joy of music. The app studies your listening habits and provides them to you automatically in an innovative manner. Just let the app know whether you want ‘Groovy Mix’ which mixes those songs that go well together, or ‘Surprise Me’ which provides the songs based on your listening habits, or ‘Favorites’ which gives you all your favorite songs that you listen to often, or ‘Three of a kind’ which plays three songs by the same artist. Just tap the option you want to choose and the app does the rest. There is no need to create playlists unless you want to. You can view your artists, albums and the list of all the artists in alphabetical order or the topmost artists that you listen to often.

Groove for iPad App Screenshots

The app automatically organizes your music tags based on the data of millions of Last.fm users. It also downloads artists’ images and missing album covers. The app will automatically arrange your music library with the topmost albums or artists, for your quick search. You can share the songs you are listening to, on Twitter or Facebook, directly from Groove. You can listen to the music on your Apple TV too.

Groove allows you to continue listening to music, even while using other apps. This app is almost like a personal DJ and is bound to keep music lovers enthralled. Get the app now and stay entertained with great music.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

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