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About The App

Rails is a games app developed by Belight Software, ltd. In this game you need to build rail roads and guide several different types of trains to their corresponding stations.


Inside The Game

When you tap open the game you will land on the home screen. In the home screen you will have the ‘New Game’,’Select Level’,’Demo’ buttons in the middle. In the bottom of the screen you will have ‘Achievements’,’High Scores’,’Options’. On the top you will have the the Facebook and Twitter buttons. And in the bottom you have the ‘Trainopedia’ and ‘Credits’ links. When you Tap the ‘Trainopedia’ link a window will pop up showing various types of trains-Regular Trains,Special Trains,Bonuses.

This is a logic based game, which also needs timing sense. Building the correct tracks from the source to the destination alone won’t help you win the game. You also need to avoid the trains from collision while traveling in the track. If you reach your destination faster then you will get an bonus/incentive but if you take longer time them the you will get lesser money. The way you control the tracks and the traffic is just by tapping on the right spot.


This is not an easy to play game, as it requires a lot thinking before you make a move. I mean before you lay down a track or guide a train. You need to think all possible ways of laying a track so that the train can be guided to any station if required. It took me hours of time before I completed the first couple of levels. It is really hard to play. But as you have the tutorial you can understand the game process. The players are taken to the game initially, instead of the tutorial. When you need to use one track for more than one train, then you need to use traffic lights, you can also alter the rail tracks to join with adjacent tracks.

This game tests your timely decision making skills, logical and reasoning skills. This is not a cake walk. Only those who have patience will enjoy this game. I give 4.7/ 5 for this app, it only has links to its own Facebook & Twitter page rather than having an option to share the score in the social media.

Price: $2.99

Rate: 4.7/ 5

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