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Whats The App All About ?

Hands on Equations® is an education app that has made algebra easy.


What Is Unique About The App ?

  • Learning algebra used to be a nightmare for me, but now kids need not fear.

  • Hands On Equations has made it simple by graphically representing algebraic equations.

  • In this app each equation is shown on a balance, which has to be balanced with numbers and pawns which represents “X”. Each lesson is explained with a video.

  • As you go up in the levels the equations gets tougher. I was able to solve the equations in the first few levels easily. After that, it took some time.

  • You also have help, if you need it at any time, by watching the video again.

What Is Cool About The App ?

It’s the easiest way to teach algebra to your kids.


Where Should They Improve ?

Nothing as of now.


When your kids go through this app, then algebra will be a cake walk for them.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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