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Word Game for iPad

Way back in the 90’s, life used to be very simple. In everything we wanted to do, there was always a way even without the help of the technological advancements we see in this modern era. When we wanted to kill the boredom during recess time at school, what we do is play this tricky word game wherein we get to pretend a man’s life depends on our succession or failure to win every round. Even now, this simple game is very popular. What I’m talking about is the class Hangman. If you want to have a glimpse of how we enjoyed as kids in the 90’s or you want to bring back the kind of fun you once had, then take that iPad to your advantage by downloading Hangman2020 Free.

Word Game for iPad

Introducing Hangman2020 Free:

Behold! The game that will leave you reminiscing on the past, those crazy childhood days. Yes, all that and more can be grasped through this amazing revamp of the conventional Hangman created by Jai Krishnamoorthy. The goal of this game is basically the same: you just have to figure the missing letters out and thus, unravel the word. That way, you get to save Hangman. Like it’s that easy. Unfortunately, it’s not. Nevertheless, it’s fun and definitely the best way to spend your leisure time for some mind-boggling brain boost.

What’s More with Hangman2020 Free?

So, what else is there aside from sparing Hangman’s life from the noose? Well, you can’t overlook the fact that this version comes with a much better aesthetic view than its prototype. To be clear on that one, here are a couple things that you might need to know:

Hangman Game for iPad

A List of Extensive Words:

Hangman2020 Free for the iPad is packed with 25 categories, from animals to science, movies to books, history and literature to mathematics, and so much more. The game can also be played in different levels so as to increase the pleasure and experience.

Animations That Will Break the Ice:

Unlike the prototype, this one puts Hangman to life. Everytime you make a mistake, he makes a face and when you lose, he burns to death, which can get too emotional at times. On another note, that will help you take the game rather seriously without losing the essence of fun in it.

Be Rewarded by Your Merits:

Hangman2020 Free awards you with bonus points each time you get to guess the word with still some time left. This perhaps makes a great way to increase your ranking on the scoreboard.

Free Hangman Game

Social Media and Real Time Scoring Features:

To get up to speed with your rankings, the game allows you to check scores of other gamers throughout the globe through its online database. Plus, you get to share your score through Facebook and Twitter with a few clicks. This also allows your friends to know that you’re playing the game, which in a sense is actually an invite to them.

Out of the old and into the new. As the saying goes, new is always better. And this one is definitely better than your pen and paper. Everything is in full color, which goes well with your eyes. Plus, the game is free. Get it now!

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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