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We have all experienced Facebook on our iPads but the aspect that we all feel annoyed about is that it’s hard to  navigate  from the home page to the  comments sections or to view videos or pictures on other pages. The ‘Hello.App’ is an app that has been purposefully designed to make the viewing experience of FaceBook on the iPad a lot easier. The app enables its users to stay on the news feed as long as they want. Now moving from home to other pages hasn’t been easier.

Looking at the features that the app provides, status update has not been this fast before, photo upload has been super fast of late  and I no longer have to look at a blank screen for a long time just to view a picture. Well, that was the case some time back. Before ‘Hello.App’ was introduced, if I wanted to view particular pictures I used to open them up in different windows and wait for them to load as I browsed through my other feeds. Well, that could be done on my lap op, but on my iPad I would be gazing at a blank/black screen waiting for the picture to show up. Now things are way better as the pictures load really quickly.

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Then there’s the book mark option for things that you would like to view once more or maybe sometime later. All you need to do is book mark them and save them for later and when you want to retrieve them just tap on the bookmark icon at the top and voila, you are there! The videos are wonderful, the pictures are perfectly sized and I don’t think you are going to grumble anymore, once you get your Hello.App.

Use tags to tag in with your friends, share videos and pictures with them, change the view between portrait and landscape and also choose other languages that you are comfortable with. So, as you can see, the app, Hello.App is definitely built with a user’s view in mind and a good job has been done on that for it’s the best Facebook experience that I have had since I’ve gotten my iPad.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/5

Hello. App – Facebook for iPad App Review

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