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I am a kindergarten school teacher and spend my time trying to teach kids languages they aren’t familiar with. I live in a non-English speaking country and it’s quite tough to teach kids of a different linguistic background to speak in English. To make my teaching techniques even more interesting, I take videos and picture books to class. This time I thought I’d make the experience a lot different and took an app to school. The app is called Frog Game School and has been introduced by Raddlist. Frog Game School has been created to help children develop their spelling, reading, and listening skills.

Frog Game School for iPad

The app is very simple and quite entertaining as well. As soon as you open the app, the best thing to do is tap on the TV screen on the right hand top corner to start with the story of Hoppi the frog. Hoppi is a cute little frog who can speak and tell stories. The frog invites his friend in the jungle to a story every day, but the wizard of the jungle is not happy with Hoppi so he casts a spell on him and takes away his speaking voice. As the wizard was fleeing the scene, he dropped his magic book, his wand, and the key to his castle. Now, you have to use the vowels, consonants and words along the path to help Hoppi to the castle to create a magic potion and retrieve his voice.

The app is lit up with bright colors that will keep kids interested. There are many pictures to look at and ponder on as well, making kids curious to know more. You can use the app to teach letter and sound recognition, new words, and the spellings of those words too. Kids can also touch and drag words and pictures towards the letters that they see on the screen, making quick connections based on what they have learned. Since the words come with pictures, it makes it easy for kids to identify and correlate words with pictures, spellings and letters as well. The app supports a vocabulary of more than a hundred words giving kids a broad learning experience.

iPad Frog Game School App

As a teacher who has a class of 20 students, it sometimes becomes hard to keep track of the children’s progress. Thanks to Frog Game School I am able to register all the children’s names and keep a record of each child’s progress as they play and learn through the game. Using the results that I get through the app, I also print and email reports to the parents. If you are a person from a non-English background, you would find this app to be quite useful in helping kids develop a fluent English accent.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.7/5

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