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If you are looking for a perfect Spanish tool to learn, then have a look at High School Spanish by Common Ground International.

A Concise Intro:

So let me get this straight. High School Spanish is basically a tool designed to teach its user how to speak Spanish through five fundamentals tools that it comes with. The reliability of the app goes unquestionable knowing that it is made by Spanish teachers themselves who work in collaboration to develop the five tools and the vast expanse of Spanish vocabulary.


My Sentiments on the Five Tools:

First on the list would be the Spanish Dictionary – Going by experience, it’s as good as the standard Merriam-Webster Dictionary, just in the full Spanish spin-off. There are 32,000 words in the dictionary and via constant updates, the figures grow bigger. One of the best things I love about it is that it doesn’t just give textual content, but also audio integration that helps give a fully accurate knowledge on how to pronounce every word the right way.

Second and third would be Grammar and Writing Tips Tool – Okay, Spanish is much harder than it seems. It’s like Chinese because you don’t just pile words together in a linear way like English. You have to change word orders as the group of the same words could actually mean different based on how they are arranged. So yeah, it’s really complicated. But with the grammar and writing tips tools of this app, you can gradually become better at Spanish like I did.

If you want to measure your aptitude for the language, you can simply open the Flashcards portion of the app. Another option would be the Comprehension Tests that gives a feel of how a real Spanish test is like simply because it is a pool of certified Spanish examinations. So basically, if you pass the tests, it means that you are qualified to venture different fields that require the command of the said language.

High-School-SpanishPerks of the App by Me
Let me break it down for you…

* It is a compact app; very light yet fully loaded
* All the tools are set out in the finest way you can easily pick any at the bottom part of your screen
* The translate option is very convenient and effective
* You can go word per word or sentence by sentence for the translations
* All the flashcards and test questionnaires are tailored for optimal learning measurements.

Also, the In-app purchase Quizlet Integration will be available for free of cost from $0.99 till January 01, 2014!

I have the app on my iPad. But if you are using an iPhone, that would be fine, too as it is designed for both Apple devices. Enjoy learning Spanish. Adios!

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/5
Download from iTunes

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